Why Manufacture with the MBS Building System?

The magnetic building system simplifies manufacturing, providing a system that allows for an unprecedented flexibility in product design.

For example, when applied to the manufacturing of flooring, the MBS Underlayment System can be hot or cold pressed (depending upon product) as the last layer in a flooring product.

The offsets are:


- Tongue & Groove milling

- Milling any locking system

- The royalty for that system

- Some raw material thickness

- Fastener system milling


- The raw materials

- All adhesive related costs

- All adhesive related tools

- Labor skillset

- Abatement costs

- Training costs to $259/person


- Remove costs associated with other vapor barriers or underlayment systems

- VOC’s and their associated costs s


MBS platform uses Industrial by-product with a large recycled material content.